Waves plateform based Crypto Token

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Tradecoin is a Waves plateform based Crypto Token. Currently Tradecoin holds BTC, LTC, BCH as a Storage Value in it's wallet. Tradecoin Tokens are based on deflation model. The more crypto's it hold the more the valuation of Tradecoin increases. Tradecoin has a common goal to increase crypto assets and share profits with its stakeholders.


Issuer: 3PG3iKrREHEC8BhRymLngyZGvcfNb7T8sNs

ID: EekwfLSAkbREneBHrXdZSRAEPvmijq71Nf2GDNqBStz4

Total amount: 1,000,000,000,000

Decimal points: 6

Sponsored asset fee: 50 Tradecoin

Issue Type: Fixed Supply (non-reissuable)

Issue date: 14.11.2018 11:55

Tradecoin Leasing Pools

Waves Leasing Address:


Turtle Node Leasing Address: