Wavesnode Leasing Address:


Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) is an enhanced type of proof of stake consensus algorithm by which the Waves blockchain network aims to achieve the distributed consensus to secure the network.

LPoS allows the token holders to lease their tokens to the Waves nodes and earn a percentage of the payout as a reward. By using LPoS, leasers will be able to participate in the process of generating new blocks because the larger the amount that is leased to a Waves node, the higher the chances for that node to be selected to generate the next block. If that node is selected, then the leaser will receive a reward.

When the user starts leasing the tokens, those leased tokens are locked and remained in the same address with the full control of their owner (They are not transferred to the node, they just remain unspendable until the lease is canceled by the leaser).

The only thing to consider when leasing is to choose the right node operator, as the operator's node may work with different efficiency and send back different percentages as rewards.

Yes, Leasing Waves is 100% Secure. When you are leasing Waves to our or any node. Waves will not leave your account or wallet. It will be available in your account but will be under action to support mining network to generate new Waves which you will get in your account based on mining node payout policy.

Minimum Leasing level: 100 WAVES.
Maximum Leasing: As much you hold.

More you will lease to node more rewards you will get.

Probablity of Mining blocks to get Waves rewards depends on

Node Mining Rewards:
Total Waves leased on node/Total Waves leased on entire network.

Why you recommend to lease 100 Waves as minimum?

Reason: We pay you on instant forge of block.
We don't want let users to wait for days or month because it's a Waves re-leasing time loss for users,that's why we prefer instant pay system.
So minimum assigning of 100 Waves can assure users that they can cover node txn cost per user fee.

You will be paid based on your contribution towards our Waves mining node. More the Waves you will lease more the rewards you will get.

You will be paid every few blocks in Waves on your leasing account address, You will be paid on same address from where you have leased Waves. Don't worry our payout script will identify it automatically.

We will pay you in Waves on instant forged blocks by node. It totally depends on forged blocks by node and leased waves on node and network, more the leasing on node, more the blocks are forged and more the rewards are distributed among leasers.

Every node has their own payout policy and we believe that the valuation of Waves will go high over a period of time.

Yes,Ocassinally we are distributing many valuable tokens from our node to our leasers.

Yes! We are working dedicately to build blockchain based stuff like Mining nodes, Trading Bots, DApps, Multichain Gateways, Crypto based Telegram bots which can be used to store, tip, gift and use as a medium to transfer coins. In short, We believe in crypto ecosystem.

We have a token based on Waves Platform named as "Tradecoin" Asset ID : EekwfLSAkbREneBHrXdZSRAEPvmijq71Nf2GDNqBStz4
as well as we have a coin based on same name "Tradecoin" which is a masternode based blockchain and a fork of PIVX chain.

We have build an gateway for our token users to convert their Tradecoin Tokens into Tradecoin coins so that it can be moved from one chain to another chain.